Club Services: GHIN Services - Billing Program

The MGA will do whatever it can to assist Member Clubs better manage its GHIN Handicap system and make the billing process as seamless as possible. To that end, here is a summary of how the billing system works for all Member Clubs

Member Clubs are billed per active golfer on their club roster.  The information starts with the Member Club. Members are inputted into the GHIN computer by the professional staff or the designated handicap chairperson.  Each time the club transmits, the membership roster is updated with the USGA to reflect additions and or deletions.

The USGA bills each State Association three times per year for all active golfers. Unfortunately the USGA does not notify us when a member is removed from a roster, only the additions. The MGA in turn bills each Member Club based on the information provided by the USGA. It is up to the club to notify the MGA of any deletions made once an invoice is received.

The billing cycle is broken down as follows:

Initial Billing - The May 15th Revision

The initial billing in most cases captures the majority of active members at any one club.   In early April the MGA urges all member clubs to begin a review of their membership roster. By early May we recommend inactivating any member that has not re-activated their membership. If the member is inactivated in the GHIN system the club will avoid the GHIN fee until such time as the member resumes his/her membership. The score history stays intact, and the player can easily be re-activated at anytime within a two-year period.     

Subsequent Billings - August & October

The two subsequent billings will capture any member added to a club's GHIN roster after the initial billing. All billings revolve around revision dates from the revision calendar. The second billing will be early August (capturing additions through August 1st), while the final billing will be through the October 1st revision.

August Billing – This will capture any member added to a club between May 15th and July 31st.

October Billing – This billing will capture members added to a club between August 1st  and October 1st. 

The rosters that accompany the billing indicate the month and day the member was added to the service in an yyyymmdd format.

The MGA is happy to issue credits for members either mistakenly not deleted (as long as the member has not utilized the service for the season) or somehow duplicated in error as long as those requests are made in a timely manner (typically within 30 to 45 days of billing.)

Please feel free to contact Ann O’Donnell in the MGA office via phone (774-430-9100  ext 2203) or email ( with any questions.

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