Club Services: GHIN Services - Billing Discount

The Massachusetts Golf Association is working hard to assist our member clubs in these difficult economic times. This discount program for those clubs that pay their GHIN Membership invoices in a timely manner.  The discounts will be available as follows:

Here is a summary of the billing discount program.

5% - Net 30 Days
Member clubs that pay their Ghin Invoice within 30 days of invoice date may deduct 5% from the total bill less any billing adjustments for members not inactivated or incorrectly billed. 

Note: Payment must be postmarked within 30 days of invoice and arrive in our offices not later than 35 days from date of invoice for discount to be valid.

Each invoice will have a notation of the anticipated discount(s) along with the discount due date.  If you have any questions regarding this new program please feel free to contact Ann O’Donnell in the MGA office via phone (774-430-9100  ext 2203) or email (



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