Alternates: 2017 Super Senior Amateur Championship

The following is a list of alternates for the 2017 Massachusetts Super Senior Amateur Championship.

To review the MGA's alternate policy in full, please click here. Any questions about the alternate policy can be directed to Kevin Eldridge via email ( or phone (774-430-9103).

Pos Name Club Affiliation Qualifying Site Status
1 Stewart Reed Cape Cod National Wyckoff CC Add 8/14
2 Fred Dye Stow Acres CC Lexington GC Add 8/14
3 Keith Caples Long Meadow GC Brockton CC Add 8/14
4 Tom Harvey Tedesco CC Wyckoff CC Add 8/14
5 Richard Lauzon Wenham CC Lexington GC Add 8/14
6 Glenn Scott Sharon CC Wyckoff CC Add 8/14
7 Paul Frankian Stow Acres CC Lexington GC Add 8/14
8 Buzz Speers Tour Greater Bos Brockton CC Add 8/14
9 Jim Ducey Marshfield CC Brockton CC Add 8/14
10 Gary Penna Sterling National Lexington GC Add 8/15
11 Michael Brandon Braintree MGC Brockton CC Add 8/24

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