Contacts: Past Presidents

G. Herbert Windeler was an influential member of The Country Club during the 1900s and a driving force behind the formation of the MGA in 1903. Since that time, many individuals have volunteered their time to serve as president of the MGA. Here is a list of the MGA presidents who have served from 1903 to the present.

Here is a list of the individuals who have served as Past Presidents of the Massachusetts Golf Association. Most presidents serve a two-year term.

President Club Affiliation Years of Service
G. Herbert Windeler The Country Club 1903-1910
Herbert Jaques The Country Club 1911-1914
Harry L. Ayer Essex County Club 1915-1916
Henry W. Wilder Vesper Country Club 1917-1918
Albert D. Locke Brae Burn Country Club 1919
Barton K. Stephenson Winchester Country Club 1920-1921
Everett S. Litchfield The Country Club 1922-1923
William F. Garcelon Commonwealth Country Club 1924-1925
Raynor M. Gardiner Weston Golf Club 1926-1927
Harold W. Pierce The Country Club 1928
Alvah W. Rydstrom Norfolk Golf Club 1929-1930
Talbot C. Chase Oakley Country Club 1931-1932
Charles H. Cross Unicorn Golf Club 1933-1934
Charles E. Mason The Country Club 1935-1936
Erastus B. Badger Winchester Country Club 1937-1938
C. Campbell Patterson, Jr. The Country Club 1939-1940
Melville P. Merritt Tedesco Country Club 1941-1942
William O. Blaney Brae Burn Country Club 1943-1944
Joseph M. Batchelder Salem Country Club 1945-1946
Benjamin F. Jaques Blue Hill Country Club 1947-1948
Osmund O. Keiver Tedesco Country Club 1949
Clarence Cochrane Bellevue Golf Club 1950-1951
Clark Hodder Framingham Country Club 1952
George O. Russell, Jr. Weston Golf Club 1953-1954
John W. Goodrich The Country Club 1955-1956
Joseph A. Galvin, Jr. Brae Burn Country Club 1957-1958
Leon S. Bishop Thorny Lea Golf Club 1959-1960
Duncan Dewar, Jr. Worcester Country Club 1961
Edward L. Butler Duxbury Yacht Club 1961-1962
William G. Harding Dedham Country & Polo Club 1963-1964
Arthur W. Rice, Jr. Weston Golf Club 1965-1966
Charles M. Pyle, Jr. The Country Club 1967-1968
Henry F. Wischusen Bellevue Golf Club 1969-1970
John P. English Taconic Golf Club 1971
Curtis M. Carr Pleasant Valley Country Club 1972
Lionel MacDuff Salem Country Club 1973-1974
John Arnold Duxbury Yacht Club 1975-1976
James B. Wilcox Winchester Country Club 1977-1978
A. Dixon Sykes Weston Golf Club 1979-1980
Andrew C. Bailey Dedham Country & Polo Club 1981
Ferdinand L. Carangelo Tedesco Country Club 1982-1983
Harry B. McCracken, Jr. Charles River Country Club 1984-1985
Ray C. Bump, Jr. Country Club of Halifax 1986-1987
William C. Foley Wollaston Golf Club 1988-1989
Robert G. Dowling III Hyannisport Club 1990-1991
Paul S. Evans Duxbury Yacht Club 1992-1993
Daniel L. Hurley Indian Ridge Country Club 1994-1995
John R. Perry, Jr. Weston Golf Club 1996-1997
Oliver G. Kelley The Milton-Hoosic Club 1998-1999
Cary R. Jubinville The Orchards Golf Club 2000-2001
Michael J. Reilly Dedham Country & Polo Club 2002-2003
Jay H. Tracy Hyannisport Club 2004-2005
Richard P. Osborn Cohasset Golf Club 2006-2007
George H. Pendergast, Jr. The Country Club 2008 - 2009
Jack F. Dezieck Wyantenuck Country Club 2009 - 2010
Paul M. Burke, Jr. Vesper Country Club 2011 - 2013
Clarence J. Bennett Longmeadow Country Club 2014 - 2015
Thomas F. Bagley III Oak Hill Country Club 2016-





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