About Us: History - Sellman Award

In 1988, the MGA established an award which honors individuals who have exhibited exemplary service to the game of golf over the course of their careers. The Frank H. Sellman Distinguished Service Award was named in honor Frank H. Sellman, who served as the MGA Secretary-Treasurer from 1961-69.

Honoree Year Awarded
Leon Bishop 1988
Andrew C. Bailey 1989
Charles M. Pyle, Jr. 1990
Roger Barry 1991
John Arnold 1992
Harry B. McCracken, Jr. 1994
John P. English 1995
William Flynn 1996
George M. Cohen 1998
Richard A. Crosby 1999
Richard D. Haskell 2003
William C. Foley 2006
James F. Gaquin, Jr. 2009
Robert G Dowling III 2012
Richard Connolly, Jr. 2015



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