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As early as 1899 a meeting of representatives of clubs in the Greater Boston area had agreed not to organize a state golf association. However, at the prompting of G. Herbert Windeler, then secretary of The Country Club, the idea was revisited and on February 24, 1903, the MGA's constitution and by-laws were adopted by a representation of 42 Massachusetts clubs.

The mission of the Association was "to promote the interests of golf". The MGA owes a great deal of gratitude to the following founding clubs (as they appeared in the original meeting minutes):

MGA Founding Member Clubs
Albemarle G.C. (Newtonville) * Misery Island G.C. *
Allston G.C. * Merry Mount G.C. *
Alpine G.C. of Fitchburg * Myopia Hunt Club
Andover G.C. Country Club of New Bedford
Bellevue G.C. of Melrose Newton Centre G.C. *
Brae Burn Golf Club Newton Golf Club *
Brockton Country Club Newton Highlands G.C. *
Chestnut Hill G.C. * Norfolk G.C. of Dedham
Clifton G.C. * Oakley Country Club
Commonwealth Country C. of Allston Salem Country Club of Danvers/Danvers C.C. *
Concord G.C. Salem G.C.
The Country Club of Brookline Segregansett G.C. of Taunton
Essex County Club Country Club of Springfield
Fall River G.C. Tedesco Country Club
Framingham Country Club Vesper Country Club of Lowell
Hoosic Whisick Club Wellington Hills G.C. *
Kenilworth G.C. of Allston * Weston G.C.
Lexington Golf Club Winchester G.C.
Meadow Brook G.C. Winthrop G.C.
Medford G.C. * Wollaston G.C.
Merrimac Valley G.C. of Lawrence Woodland G.C.


* Clubs identified by asterisks are no longer in existence.





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